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XBee configuration software for Mac

January 11, 2014

I’m really glad that Digi has finally built a Mac version of their X-CTU software. XBees are fun, and it’s nice to be able to configure them without resorting to Windows via a virtual machine.

MoltoSenso is an alternative, but I couldn’t get it to detect my XBees.

Three XBee


Arduino robot book

October 31, 2012

O’Reilly has a new book, Make an arduino-controlled robot.

It seems really useful, covering a lot of the questions that I have about my own robot.

And it covers the exact robot kit I’ve been using, from DFrobot.


March 6, 2012

A new blog, to document (to some extent) my exploration of the arduino microcontroller and electronics more generally.

I’ll be posting arduino-related code to my github page and listing them here.