I’m new to electronics and to Arduino.

I’m tentative about revealing too publicly just how much effort I’m putting into this new hobby, but I hope that my experiences might be useful to someone.

I’ll be posting Arduino-related code to my github page and listing them here.

Why electronics?

I have long enjoyed doing electrical work around the house (replacing outlets and switches and such), but soldering was always a mystery to me. Then, in replacing some light fixtures, my father-in-law soldered some wires together, and it was clear, seeing soldering in action, that it was not all that difficult.

At the same time, my 6-year-old son got some snap circuits for Christmas, and was enjoying them a great deal, and it seemed that learning a bit of electronics might enable us to do a bunch of fun projects together.

So, I got a copy of Make: Electronics, took a short soldering course at Sector67, and then spent way too much on tools and stuff. It’s becoming a great hobby.

Why Arduino?

I’ve done a great deal of computer programming, but largely for scientific calculations. Arduino will let me write computer programs that really do something, and that can sense and respond physically. That’s cool.

And it looks like a great vehicle for my kids to learn programming.


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