XBee configuration software for Mac

I’m really glad that Digi has finally built a Mac version of their X-CTU software. XBees are fun, and it’s nice to be able to configure them without resorting to Windows via a virtual machine.

MoltoSenso is an alternative, but I couldn’t get it to detect my XBees.

Three XBee



9 Responses to “XBee configuration software for Mac”

  1. sonicshamanRai Says:

    Have you been able to successfully set up the Xbee with the new X-CTU?

    • karlduino Says:

      Yes, the new X-CTU for Mac works for me. I had some difficulties changing from API firmware to AT firmware in series 2 XBees, but I was able to do it using the recovery procedure.

  2. moltosenso Support Team Says:

    Hi dude,
    there is a User Manual for moltosenso Network Manager:

    Give a chance to the firmware explanation procedure at page 24, it’s very easy!

    Take care!

    • karlduino Says:

      RTFM is not a particularly helpful comment.

      I can’t get MoltoSenso to detect the XBee. If I follow the instructions on page 16 of the manual, the USB port is detected in the scan. Clicking on the Open Port button makes the text of that button turns blue, but the XBee never shows up in “Detected Devices”.

  3. moltosenso Support Team Says:

    Are you sure that the whole set of parameters (baud rate, flow control, data Bits, Stop bits, etc.) are correctly set according to the setup of your module?


    • karlduino Says:

      Yes; they are set as in X-ctu.

    • karlduino Says:

      The log looks like this:

      [19.01.14 - 15:07:33] - MainPageWidget - Open Port pressed - Diagnostic
      [19.01.14 - 15:07:35] - RSSITestWidget - Resetting... - Diagnostic
      [19.01.14 - 15:07:35] - NodeSettingsWidget - Resetting... - Diagnostic
      [19.01.14 - 15:07:35] - RSSITestWidget - Resetting... - Diagnostic
      [19.01.14 - 15:07:35] - MacOs SerialPort - Error Closing Serial Port - Error
      [19.01.14 - 15:07:35] - MacOs SerialPort - Serial Port /dev/tty.usbserial-A4013FR2 successfully opened - Diagnostic
      [19.01.14 - 15:07:35] - PortManager - ND Timer Expired - Diagnostic
      • moltosenso Support Team Says:

        as you can see from the last logged activity, the packet sent to the Xbee did not received any reply so got lost (and the timer expires). This is usually due to a sleeping end device.


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